About The Company

Frisco Herald (https://friscoherald.com) is an online news agency and our focus is mainly comprised of news articles about business, finance, and USA stock market. Our mandate protocol is to educate, inform, and connect the traders all across the globe with authoritative information that help them make better decisions.

Zeeshan Shabbir – CTO

Zeeshan Shabbir working in tech Industry till 2009, In his career he work for many popular financial blogs and websites. His company Brilliant Innovators is providing technical support and PR services to many financial IR firms and building backend tech for them.

Email: zeeshan at brilliantinnovators dot com

Irfan Tahir – Editor & Writer

Irfan has been writing blogs since completion of his studies from University of Sunderland, UK. Mr. Tahir an avid trader and stock market analyst. He always on the hunt for a great day trade or swing trade and of course look for the next stock to hit a home run and make it in the market.

Email: Mr.irfan01 at gmail dot com

Kristen Doyle – Freelancer Writer

Kristen Doyle is a financial content writer from SA who is currently working in Bay Area. Having graduated with a BA in Journalism from the Technological University of Dublin in 2019, he is currently a full-time contributor for many financial blogs and magazines.

Stephen Browne – Freelancer Writer

Stephen Browne is currently studying at UBC to achieve her BA in Computer Science. He is due to graduate in 2020. As a content creator, Steve has written financial analysis, stock market news, and informational investing articles. He also worked as an editor with her university publication ‘UBC Undergraduate Journal of Art History.